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My Journaling Template

One journaling tool I use to help me write consistently is a “template.” There’s no shame in using one. A template is simply a prompt to think about certain things that I might not otherwise think about as I sit … Continue reading

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Memories of Christmas Eve

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve 2012. My, the year seems to have flown by; at least for this old man. As a child, it seemed it took Christmas forever to arrive! Now it just flies by. As usual, much of this … Continue reading

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Journaling about Work

Jobs are an important element in our lives. We spend an enormous amount of time commuting, working, and thinking about working. We love our work, or we hate our work, or we’re just resigned to the idea that it’s a … Continue reading

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The Fear of Spiritual Journaling

Journaling the spiritual life. Probably nothing strikes more fear in us than the idea of writing down (that others may see) our most intimate thoughts and feelings. How in the world do I talk about my struggles with fear, anger, … Continue reading

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Wonderful Days

I love my iPhone. Seriously, I wouldn’t function very well without it. But I do not like it when it comes to writing article-length entries in a journal or blog. The keyboard is great for texting, but not for extensive … Continue reading

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David RM Software’s “The Journal”

There are any number of journaling programs and software available, and I’ve probably tried only a few of them compared to what’s out there. One program that met my needs best is DavidRM Software’s, The Journal. This was one of … Continue reading

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Write – Even If It Doesn’t Feel Right

There are days when I would rather do just about anything than write in my journal. I should write; I want to write. Things happened today that I want to remember, to explain, to explore. I. just. don’t. want. to. … Continue reading

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