Memories of Christmas Eve

Christmas GiftsTomorrow is Christmas Eve 2012. My, the year seems to have flown by; at least for this old man. As a child, it seemed it took Christmas forever to arrive! Now it just flies by. As usual, much of this year was good, and some of it was very, very bad. But, regardless of that, we’re still here, and still writing! Reviewing the year is a post I’ll take up very soon, since we’re almost to that point.

Right now, though, I want you to think about Christmas and Christmas Eve. This is the time of year most of us see the world a little more charitably, and we tend to think brighter thoughts. These are memories most of us like to savor. Particularly those of us with children and grandchildren close around.

First, I want you to think about Christmas Eve as you were growing up. What was it like at your house? What did your parents do on that evening that was special to your family? Did you attend a special candlelight Christmas Eve service? Go to Mass? Did you open presents on Christmas Eve – or maybe open just one? Was your family into the Santa Claus experience, where you left out milk and cookies, went to bed early with anticipation of Christmas Day? How was Christmas Eve celebrated at your house?

If your family did not celebrate Christmas, you can still share some memories. I am sure that as a young person, you experienced your friends celebrating Christmas, and may have wondered about what that was like. What were they doing? How did it affect you as you saws all the holiday lights on homes, Santa Claus on the front lawns, nativity sets in front of houses? Did your parents talk to you about it? Did you have conversations with your friends about what they did, how they celebrated? How did all this make you feel?

Your turn: What is your fondest memory of this season of the year?

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5 Responses to Memories of Christmas Eve

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  4. Christmas Eve WAS our Christmas. We always went to my paternal grandparent’s house, just a mile away, where my father’s siblings and their children met for a spectacular evening. All of the families brought their gifts to sit under my grannie’s tree, all lighted with multi-colored lights and ornaments of the most brilliant colors and hues! Playing ‘I Spy’ with all of those delicious colors on ornaments was a favorite game.

    Then came the opening of gifts. You scoped out your place on the dining room floor where you could gather your gifts to open. I don’t think there was a ‘one at a time’ rule at that time because there were just too many gifts, but one person was always designated ‘Santa’ to distribute the gifts. What a joyous experience with so many cousins, aunts and uncles and of course, the grandparents.

    If we weren’t all tired out from the gift opening, we might gather around the piano in the living room and have a ‘singing’ where the family (known for its glorious harmonies and voices) would sing until it got late…probably 9 o’clock…we were a farming family!

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