Wonderful Days

I love my iPhone. Seriously, I wouldn’t function very well without it. But I do not like it when it comes to writing article-length entries in a journal or blog. The keyboard is great for texting, but not for extensive writing. For article writing, a computer is best. A tablet probably a distant second. The only redemption for the phone is that it is ever-present. Granted, that is an important factor.

For writing, my use of the phone is limited to making brief notes for my journal, which can be expanded later at a computer. But I just didn’t like any of the native apps for accomplishing that purpose.

So I tried various apps and the one I currently prefer is called Wonderful Days, by HandyPadSoft. When I began researching iPhone apps for journaling, this was about the only one I found that incorporated Evernote synchronization. There are some others now; Awesome Note by Brid is certainly a good example. Evernote synchronization allows me to get my writings into my journal program in the easiest way possible. There are now several journaling apps that are similar to Wonderful Days, but Wonderful Days was the first (at least that I found) that incorporated those features. It includes Evernote synchronization, a mood/weather setting, background and layout options, passcode protection, taking photos from inside the app, or accessing the native photos app.

I don’t think there is an app on any phone that I would use to make a complete journal entry, simply because using the keyboard cannot be fast enough for me. But to jot down ideas and quick notes to expand later, well this one is as good as any, and better than most.

What I’m really looking for is an app that will synchronize directly with a journaling program on my PC. With one major caveat: I need it to be inexpensive. Some options out there will do that, but cost upwards of $40 a year. I’m just not willing to spend the money yet for the convenience.

Maybe one day.

Have you discovered some journaling apps for iPhone or Android that synchronize in one step with a journal on the PC? What apps do you use on the phone to take journaling notes? How do you journal on your phone, or do you?

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