David RM Software’s “The Journal”

There are any number of journaling programs and software available, and I’ve probably tried only a few of them compared to what’s out there.

journal suggestions writing softwareOne program that met my needs best is DavidRM Software’s, The Journal. This was one of the more comprehensive and well planned journaling programs I researched, tried — and purchased. Unfortunately, it’s only for Windows, and that may be a major drawback for some people. Since I spend so much time in front of my Windows computer, though, it served my purposes well.

First of all, the program offers an excellent word processor. It goes well beyond the basics, encompassing elements of most full-featured word processors. I include lots of photos and videos in my journal, and The Journal is able to format these easily.

There are two different types of entries you can make in The Journal; one is calendar based, where you can make entries by the hour, or by the day. The calendar system is what I use for journaling, as my personal journal is by date rather than subject. But you can also create loose-leaf, or notebook, categories. I use The Journal for blogging, because I can post to my blog directly from The Journal. So I’ve created a Notebook category for blogging that is driven by subject rather than dates. Within these loose-leaf entries you can also create sub-categories.

Another great benefit for me is the ability to link entries. You can create entry links within The Journal, and even create links outside The Journal, so you can link to something on your computer or on the internet, as well as link internally to other entries in The Journal.

The Journal can also serve as a day planner, keeping track of appointments and to do lists.

Although most people probably wouldn’t need it, you can also create different journal volumes, perhaps one for personal and one for business. You can also set up multiple user accounts, so that someone else in your household could also keep a journal. Of course, it can be secured through passwords, so that others cannot access your particular journal, and an even more powerful security system is available for an extra fee.

Although I’ve never had any issues with The Journal, I keep up with a user forum, moderated by the software’s creator, David Michael. I am truly impressed that when someone has a problem, he is always right there answering questions and providing work arounds. He also updates the software very regularly, which shows a keen interest in his product that I really appreciate.

My only negative comment about The Journal is that it is not available on other platforms. Since I use Windows, an iPhone and an Android tablet, I’d love to have just one product that could be used on all three platforms, or one that could possibly be formatted for mobile and used on the web. I know this is something that David may consider for the future, but his concentration has been making The Journal an even better product on the platform for which it was written. That doesn’t keep me from using The Journal, though. It’s a powerful tool, and one that I use daily.

You can take a look at The Journal by going to this link. Send me a comment; tell me what you think about it.

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