Write – Even If It Doesn’t Feel Right

Journaling or Diary Writing Block SuggestionsThere are days when I would rather do just about anything than write in my journal. I should write; I want to write. Things happened today that I want to remember, to explain, to explore. I. just. don’t. want. to.

So what do you do when you hit those times – sometimes all too frequently?

First of all, WRITE SOMETHING. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t need to be brilliant or thought-provoking. It may just be a matter of what you did today; something to jog your memory for that future day when you really do feel like writing, and you can sit down and expand what you began today.

You could also do an outline of a few thoughts that are on your mind. Don’t expand them – just write down the main ideas or events that are on your mind right now.

Another possibility is to try a different medium. If you normally write at a computer, try writing long-hand with a notebook. If you’re an artist as well as a writer, paint for a few minutes. Take some pictures from that bottomless box – you know the one, where we all store our pictures — and jot down some of the memories you have of that picture. Just a few notes on the back of the picture will suffice, and then set them aside so you can include them in an album later.

The point is, do something to annotate this day. If you try to remember later what it was you did today, chances are it’s not going to be completely accurate. It may not reflect the right mood; you may not even remember the mood you were in.

Your turn – what do you do when you just don’t feel like writing, when you just don’t feel like making that post in your journal? How do you capture the day?

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